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Saturday Night, May 19th, 2018, Grand Ballroom Show Only. Sugaray Rayford, Mr. Sipp opening

$35 ($40 Day of Show)  Doors @ 7pm

Dinner & Room NOT INCLUDED

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Events Tickets

Come for any day of the summit, feel the love!

Saturday All Day Tickets $50 ($60 DOS)

ALL DAY Saturday, May 19th, 2018, Day Events & Grand Ballroom Show W/ Sugaray Rayford & Mr. Sipp, Youth Showcase, Panel Duiscussion, etc.

$50 ($60 Day of Show)  show up anytime! Doors @ 7pm for Grand Ballroom shows

Dinner & Room NOT INCLUDED

Friday Night Tickets $35 ($40 DOS)

full day tickets include access to:

  • Youth Showcase
  • Panel Discussion
  • "I Am The Blues" Movie 
  • Carrie & The Cats Daytime Show
  • Danielle Miraglia & Chery Arena Daytime Show
  • ​Main Event in the Ballroom!
Opening Act

Friday Night, May 18th, 2018, Grand Ballroom Show Only.  Mike & Mike, Laith Al-Saadi opening

$35.00 ($40 Day of Show) Doors @ 7pm

Dinner & Room NOT INCLUDED

Saturday Night Tickets $35 ($40 DOS)